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At the Humane Society of Garland County, we cherish our animal companions for their unconditional affection and acceptance. We act out of a sense of social responsibility to nurture and find good homes for abandoned and abused animals, because, unfortunately, some pet owners mistreat their animals or leave them altogether. That’s where our work is most valuable.

The HSGC makes a difference in the lives of animals in Hot Springs and throughout Arkansas. Our board, staff, volunteers and supporters are dedicated to building an environment in which human relationships with animals are guided by compassion.

As united animal lovers, we are a truly humane society whose members care about animals and show it.

The Mission of The Humane Society of Garland County is:

  • To educate the citizens of Garland County, Arkansas, in the proper humane treatment of animals, including the importance of spaying and neutering.
  • To prevent all forms of cruelty to animals by every legitimate means.
  • To provide a temporary refuge for stray, homeless and deserted animals and to place such animals in good homes whenever practical.
  • To receive and care for suffering animals.
  • To return lost pets to their rightful owners upon reasonable proof of ownership within a period of five (5) days.
  • To end the suffering in a humane manner of any animal which it is impractical to cure of its infirmities, and, in a humane manner, to euthanize any stray, homeless, or deserted animal for which it is impractical to find a proper home.

The Humane Society of Garland County Bylaws:

Frequently Asked Questions about The Humane Society of Garland County

Q. What is your connection to the Humane Society of the U.S.A.?
A. Local Humane Societies like this one are independent of the Humane Society of the USA. We receive zero funding from HSUSA.

Q.  Do you get government funding?                                                                                                A. We do not receive any government funding. We are a not for profit company founded in 1976. Our funding comes from donations from folks like you.

Q.  What is a “no kill” shelter?                                                                                                           A.  Best Friends Animal Society is our nations leader in the no kill movement. They explain it best in their blog post: http://blogs.bestfriends.org/index.php/2015/02/11/confused-about-what-no-kill-means-and-doesnt-mean/

Q. Are you a “no kill” shelter?
A. Yes. We carefully screen all animals before taking them into care and we accept only animals we believe to be adoptable. When we are full, we stop accepting animals. We do not euthanize animals to make room for more.

Q. I found an animal who needs to be rescued or who is injured or being abused.  Do you guys pick up stray animals?                                                                                                                      A.   No.  We have neither the staff nor the resources to do so.  All potential animals accepted into our facility must be prescreened and approved by our kennel manager prior to being brought to the kennel.  We do not pick up animals or accept unapproved “dropoffs”.

Q.I heard you all euthanized some dogs in the fall of 2014; is that true?                                         A. Unfortunately there were a few dogs with aggression issues that were euthanized. This situation arose due to poor management in the past and a failure to screen intakes. Once a dog or cat bites or attacks a person or is so aggressive it poses a danger to the kennel staff, we cannot place that animal in an adoptive home. Such was the case with the dogs euthanized in 2014.

Q. I trapped some wild dogs that were living near my house. Will you take them?                          A. No. Feral dogs and cats that cannot be handled by humans are not suitable for adoption.

Q. Isn’t HSGC an animal refuge?
A. No. The Articles of Incorporation are clear; the purpose of HSGC is to provide a temporary refuge for stray, homeless and deserted animals and to place such animals in good homes whenever practical

Q. How much does it cost to buy one of your dogs/cats?                                                                 A. HSGC does not sell animals. There is an adoption fee which helps offset the expense of spaying/neutering and vetting the animals. The adoption fee for dogs is $100 and for cats it is $60.

Q. What are you looking for in an adoptive pet parent?                                                                   A. A responsible person who will make sure the animal gets proper vet care and the love and attention they need and deserve, as well as proper living arrangements to keep them safe, i.e., a house and yard which provide safety and security.  Proper vet care includes heart worm preventative for dogs and annual checkups for all currently or previously owned pets.

Q  I called the kennel today and no one answered the phone.  Why not?                                       A. The kennel staff is constantly busy taking care of animals.  We don’t have a certain person dedicated to answering the phone, so we have to rely on our answering machine to catch most of the calls.  Please leave a clear, concise message regarding the reason for your call and state your name and number twice, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Or, you can feel free to send us an email through our website.