Nera, Home at Last!

IMG_4335Nera is a 14 year-old shepherd/spitz mix who came to Humane Society of Garland County’s kennel back in 2005.  This shy girl was passed over for years until she came to the attention of our board president, Ivy Wood, after the organization was placed under the direction of a new board and kennel manager a little over a year ago.  The new management has worked hard to get long term animals placed into forever homes, and as the kennel conditions became less crowded, several of our less outgoing dogs became more approachable, and they have made great progress with socialization and human interaction.  Our organization was contacted by staff at The Sentinel Record, our hometown newspaper, regarding featuring a pet makeover of one of our animals.  Ivy chose Nera as the celebrity pet, and her article featured in Hot Springs On The Go magazine brought some attention to Nera’s plight.  Lo and behold, Nera found a new home full of love and attention, and she is continuing to blossom in her new surroundings.

nera on the sofa

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