New Adoption/Education Center

We anticipate that our new building will be completed by the end of December, and we are looking forward to moving in!  Our existing office/small dog kennel and cattery are in a shocking state of dilapidation, and we knew that something had to be done.  The task was arduous. HSGC, being a private nonprofit, gets no money from taxes or government organizations. We do not receive funding from any national animal welfare organizations either.  Our operations costs are really expensive because veterinary care, overhead, and staff costs add up quickly due to the volume of animal rescue we provide. We knew we had to continue to raise money for operations while raising additional money for a new building.

Two years ago, we began raising money specifically to build a new facility. Our board president, Ivy Wood, worked tirelessly to solicit donations and create a plan for an adequate, durable facility which could withstand the wear and tear of providing shelter and care for animals. We held two Raise the Roof fundraisers which were hosted and underwritten by Dr. Tim Bainum. In addition several members of our community came forward to donate money, goods, and services, and we were able to move forward on construction.  Due to generous donations, we have just enough to complete the building without borrowing money. Some of our biggest donors include The Bainum Foundation and Diamond Bank (monetary donations and hosting/underwriting two fundraisers), Valley Glass (doors), Window Mart (windows), Xtra-Light (lights), Mike McHenry (dirt work), Sanders Supply (toilets, sinks, faucets), and Lakeside Elementary children (refrigerator, washer, dryer). In addition, we have had several other individual donors who gave money. We would also like to thank Mike Harrison for working with us to design an affordable building and working with subcontractors to minimize costs as much as possible, and Horner for discounting our concrete.

We are now working on furnishing the building and raising money to pave the driveway and parking lot. We had enough monetary donations for cat and small dog cages, and different people have donated various items:  a desk, file cabinets, a TV, microwave and coffee maker for our education/break room, and a tub for our dog-washing area. We received a $500 grant from Hot Springs Village Community Foundation which is earmarked to help complete the furnishing of our education room.  In addition to raising money to pave the parking area, we will need to raise funds to furnish our on-site surgery center/recovery room. We would also welcome the donation of a dog-friendly gently used sofa for our meet-and-greet room. Of course, we greatly appreciate any donations which help us continue to operate and care for the animals in our shelter as well.

We will be holding a Grand Opening in the near future as well, and we look forward to hosting lots of HSGC supporters and introducing the community to our new building. We simply could not fulfill our mission of providing shelter and rescue for homeless dogs and cats in the community without strong support from the people in the Garland County area. Now that we have a clean new facility, we plan to work hard to increase HSGC memberships and volunteers. Our vision is that our kennel will be a place where people will enjoy visiting and volunteering.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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